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Maritime Blockchain Platform

Internet Ready for Shipping, Industry & Maritime Logistics

eMarSet (www.emarset.com), is a horizontal Blockchain Marketplace, Social and Collaborative Maritime Platform, specifically designed and developed with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), with diferent vertical Maritime Blockchain Business Network applications and several other ICT services for Shipping, Industry & Maritime Logistics operators; a Collaborative Blockchain and Business Service Platform for the Industry, Transport and Maritime Logistics Community’s Operators.

It is a site of exchange of the supply and demand of maritime products and services, which allows the work of distant teams and the capture of new businesses of value. Its mainstreaming, like Hub access to the sector, allows users to make secure, transparent and efficient businesses at the same time that integrate their intranets of workers and extranets of customer support into a new network of qualified operators, while improving thus their networks and simultaneously connecting with other public and private vertical maritime platforms. In other words, it is about creating a permissive Collaborative & Blockchain Businesses  Network Platform (a Niche Site connected with the Global Blockchain Networks) specifically designed to develop and grow the intranets and extranets of the Community users in and out of the platform. For more posts on blockchain technology, Go to Skrumble.

Blockchain for Maritime Transport and Logistics

International trade in goods and services involves complex transnational logistics operations in which a large number of entities and operators of all types participate. Along with the movement of goods or the contracting of the service, it is necessary to manage information and money flows.

Blockchain technology applied to transport and to the supply chain of maritime logistics will allow the transfer and automated exchange of data between market operators. In addition to increasing the efficiency of transactions, it will improve their security, knowing the status of shipments, the traceability of the goods or the degree of compliance of transactions.

Leading companies in the maritime transport and logistics sector affirm that they will save costs and improving efficiency in their blockchain service networks will soon mean an increase of 20% of their profits. In the financial and in the maritime insurance sectors are also being tested successfully, estimating a jump in profits exceeding 30%.

That virtual Big Blockchain Business Network that is already being imposed, sum of many and diverse blockchain networks, and that will involve a multitude of supply chain agents and other auxiliary maritime services operators, will provide information registration capacity (process of manufacturing, tracking by satellite data and AIS Live land, delivery, etc.), working together with elements of IoT (sensors, transponders, QR codes, stickers NFC, IA, etc.).

An ecosystem based on blockchain for the management of international trade transactions will soon connect a large number of importers and exporters, banks, insurers, logistics operators, authorities and, ultimately, all parties involved, can accelerate the processes through the use of Smart Contracts in the management of operations (as they are already being done in activities related to letters of credit, e-CMR or bills of lading).

The eMarSet Maritime Platform that we propose, with a Marketplace governed by Blockchain and with new networks of operators of these characteristics, once connected with the Big Blockchain Business Network, will have the capacity to provide – by virtue of the properties of said technology – an automated operative, more efficient and agile, with lower costs, greater transparency, improved auditability and reduced litigations (thanks to a common and unique source of truth: the distributive ledger).

This Blockchain Maritime Platform – as well as the aforementioned large Network – will use smart contracts to model agreements between the different parties, allowing the approval of transactions, documents and cross-border administrative procedures automatically throughout the entire operator network (already they are public entities or private companies).

Thanks to our Smart Legal Contracts it will be guaranteed that agreements are satisfied, including controlling compliance with regulations. The automation of transactions of products and services, orders and payments, or the control of compliance with all types of conditions of execution of a contract (eg, failure to break the cold chain during transport or compliance with maritime environmental regulations ), are just some of the examples.

eMarSet, in this area, is presented as a promising model that will give access to this new maritime market, providing decentralization, trust and collaboration, while enhancing the efficiency in the transactions of its private network of maritime operators.

eMarSet Estructure

Thanks to the Marketplace, the Worldwide Directory of Ports, Companies and Maritime Professionals (with a Search/Browse and Agreement application), eMarSet help registered users to earn and save time and money, allowing them to promote their maritime products and services, send and request budgets, negotiate and contract through our platform. They can close their agreements with our system of Smart Contracts, providing their contracts with the technical and  legal formality and security they want (possibility of obtaining private certifications and notarized apostilles of the commercial transactions carried out).

Intranets, Extranets and Maritime Blockchain Businesses Network

The platform provides users – in exchange for a small subscription fee per user, SaaS of Low Cost – other services, such as:

  • the possibility of creating Intranets for their employees, using our Task & Project Management Tool, very useful for the development of work teams at a distance, together with other intranets of workers of the platform;
  • be able to develop in the platform (and in the Internet) its Community Extranet of attention to the clients and maritime collaborators of quality;
  • the integration of its businesses into vertical Maritime Business Network of sites (eg, the International Blockchain Networks of judicial maritime claims and liens, ship arrest and release; of import-export tracking of cargoes and documents of transport management; of marketing of fishery and aquaculture products and services; of Internet technological services for the sector – development of intranets and software integrations –; of shipping transport and the consignee agency of ships and cargoes; as well as the ports and terminals business, the construction and repair of ships or even the training, employment and maritime contracting, among others);
  • and, finally, there will be space for the publication of Articles, News and Information of the sector.

The Maritime Blockchain Platform, eMarSet, organizes all information into the approximately 50 professional groups and 400 existing maritime activities and businesses. All of them ordered by countries and more than 4,000 ports of the world. An excellent tool of Advertising and Online Marketing for companies and operators of the well known Blue Growth Sectors.

Market and Monetization

The most interesting thing is that the market, the Maritime Sectors, is very affluent. During the first launch phase of eMarSet, our potential customers are those of this industry. These, totaling more than 40 million between employees and self-employed, generate practically 15% of world GDP. In other words, 6% of workers globally, generate $11.000 billions USD per year. Only maritime transport operators account for 4% of GDP, generating more than 13 million jobs. Its purchasing power is 2.6 times higher than the average.

In a second phase, the possibilities of scaling the project to related sectors, such as the rest of Multimodal Transports, and are enormous and easy to carry out. Jump from Maritime to other Logistics and Multimodal Transport sectors (road, rail and air) is not a problem. They represent more than 35% of the world GDP, surpassing $25.000 billions USD annually. And reaching more than 120 million direct and indirect jobs.

In brief, revenues will come from subscriptions of users registered to our Low Cost Blockchain SaaS. Others from the sale of packages of credits (special online services) and those generated by the Maritime Blockchain Businesses Network. Eg, agency commissions of each ship arrest and release case, or those of technological services provided to maritime operators on the Internet, among others. Finally, incomes from sale of advertising spaces and other third party commissions, will help to maximize benefits.

eMarSet Competition

The only existing competition is a product marketplace for the ship. There are other competitors in the Internet, which commercialize vertical (expensive) maritime applications.This site excludes many products and all services of the Maritime Industry. It has 71,000 registered users, twice as much as in 2012. Premium users pay $2,000 per year. Furthermore, they have to buy credits packs to pay the 1.5% of the value of the transactions finally executed. Contracts declared in 2017 on their marketplace platform worth more than $3.0 billions USD.

Project Development

The design of eMarSet Maritime Blockchain Platform has been completed. You can see at this link the Study of Needs and Technical Solutions for the Maritime Sectors of Transport, Industry and Maritime Logistics , a list of Products Phases I and II, as well as the Business Plan for the Platform and other Estimation of Reveneus and Costs data (available in English and Spanish).

We have all the essential contents ready to be released, several databases of the main ports of the world and their characteristics. Also have the most important maritime companies, ordered by country, professional groups and maritime activities. We already defined the structure of the MVP and the business model, for more about business handling you can visit Paystubs.net and check their tools. Everything needed (programming requirements included) are ready. We expect to finish the web development in a six months period.

The Startup founders are looking for one or two maritime partners who want to invest and participate in the development of this project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you are interested in be partner in the project. We can provide you with a complete presentation and technical information.