Ship Arrest in Spain. Ship Release


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Ship Release and Ship Arrest in Spain is our specialty

GMM Law Firm  provide Legal Services in all Ports of Spain. Its Maritime Lawyers stay always well focused in the particularities of the Law on Ship Release and Ship Arrest in Spain.

Our Lawyers deeply known the new Spanish Maritime Navigational Act 2014, all International Conventions on Maritime Claims and Liens to Ship Arrest or Ship Release in Spain, as well as all ones on Maritime Law. They also being experts in Procedural Law (Judicial Proceeding), Commercial, Administrative and Contentious-Administrative Law.

Before to start with the Ship Arrest or the Release of the vessel, we study carefully the case. We begin with a verification of the nature of the credit or debts in connection with the flag of the ship. We do this in order to know whether they give rise to arrest or release the ship with absolutely warranties and to know the applicable Law. It is always mandatory to analyse if the maritime or non-maritime claims can be qualified as maritime liens according with the national and international Laws.

We can request the Certificate of Registry of the Ship to the corresponding flagging Ship Registry, either Spanish or foreing. And know how to prepare the attached documents to the proof. We file the complaint or answer with the Court in due conditions.outlookindia

Forced Sale of the Vessel. Execution and Public Auction

The Procedural Law in Spain has changed recently. Now all Forced Sales and Public Auctions are faster than in the past. We are able to assist you in other abroad territories, as Gibraltar, where the Forced Sale of the Ship is carried out quite fast.

Possible Port Authorities Detention (PSC)

Furthermore, we assist you with the related matters that could arise in the Harbour Master’s Office of the port of detention. In particular, we help you with possible Administrative Port State Control Sanctions. Those proceedings habitually appear after the extraordinary ship inspection carried out (Port Detention of Ship).

We prefer to have a meeting and negotiate with the Habour Master. It is always better than the way of the Administrative and Contentious-Administrative Proceedings.

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